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Our wasp treatments are dealt with a 'one-off ' visit. After the nest has been treated keep well away for at least an hour and exercise caution until all activity has ceased. The entire nest can take up to 48 hours to be completely eradicated. Wasps are reasonably beneficial to us in the early stages of a nest development by destroying common garden pests (greenfly etc); this aids the growth of the nest. It is autumn before they become a real pest when the redundant workers go in search of sugary foods and fruit. There are 6 species of wasps found in the UK but only two enter buildings.

The nests are built of a papery like substance, made when the workers mix wood scraped from trees, fence panels etc, with saliva.

Wasps will never re-inhabit an old nest.

At the height of the wasp season the larger nests can contain up to 25,000 wasps! Towards the end of summer the queen lays eggs that develop into males. These males mate with the newly emerged queens, who in turn go on to find suitable sites for hibernation.