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Grey Silverfish (Emerging Species)

Ctenolepisma longicaudata (commonly known as the Grey Silverfish) is an emerging species in the UK.  They are slightly larger than common silverfish (Lepisma saccharina), with a hairy body, along with longer rear bristles and antennae.  It is important to check for these differences if you have a silverfish problem, as it is suspected that grey silverfish may be more prevalent in the UK than previously thought. 

Grey silverfish can survive in conditions of lower humidity than common silverfish, so a correct identification is important so the correct treatment (based on the type of silverfish present) can be chosen.
(main information source: Professional Pest Control Magazine – PestWatch, Issue 96, August 2019)

Professional Pest Controller (PPC) Magazine Issue 96 contains a good article on the grey silverfish that explains how it differs from the common silverfish and gives detail on how you can identify one.  It can be downloaded here:

Pest Control News (PCN) also published an article on the grey silverfish in 2017, which can be read here:

Grey Silverfish