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Brown Dog Tick (Invasive Species)

Rhipicephalus sanguineus (commonly known as the Brown Dog Tick) is not native to the UK but has been increasingly reported here after accidental imports on pet dogs that have travelled abroad with their owners.

Unlike native ticks, the brown dog tick can then go on to infest the dog owner’s house, as they can survive indoors.  This can lead to a full infestation if left untreated.  Ticks found in dog bedding may be a native UK species, however if they are found on other furniture or decorations, they are likely to be a non-native species.
(source: CIEH invasive mosquito PDF)

The Chartered Institute for Environmental Health (CIEH) have a useful information PDF for further reading on the brown dog tick:

If you suspect you have seen a brown dog tick, you can find more information and learn how to report them here:

The Chartered Institute for Environmental Health advise that treatment of the brown dog tick should only be undertaken by a professional pest controller, if an infestation has occurred.


Brown Dog Tick